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Nationalised Banks In India

Banks In India List 2019 | Nationalized Banks in India | Banks list

Nationalisation of Indian Banks or “Foundation of Public Sector Banks In India” Was the Biggest Decision Took and Implemented Over Night. It was July 1969 When First time government came into action with the Nationalisation of 14 Indian banks, in which Bank of India was the biggest banks of that time. it was the Nationalisation of private banks in India for first time. Nationalisation was the only option to stabilize Indian economy and encourage people to come and participate with banking services with nationalized banks in India which had assurance of government undertaking banks. We will Discuss about nationalised banks in India 2019 The nationalized definition has given in this post

Banks in india
Banks in India

Nationalisation of Banks

Before we start discussing about Nationalisation in Indian banking sector, We have to Understand What Is Nationalisation. Why It Took Place, Lets Discuss One By One

What is Nationalisation of Banks in India

Nationalisation is a process in which government Take Over All Assets of a private entity or individual or an enterprise and convert them into public sector . In Easy Words you can say that Government Buy shares and become majority shareholder of that entity. All banks name list  for Nationalisation were prepared on the basis of various factors

Why Nationalisation of Banks in India

Nationalisation was a process to bring all big private sector banks into government undertaking. The major Reason of Nationalisation of Indian Banks was to build trust and encourage people to come and use Indian banking services, as well as the assurance of government undertaking banks, gave assurance of money safety. After Banks Became Nationalized Banks In India. nationalised banks list in India has grown up to 20 now.

Basically Indian Banking Consist of Two Types of Banks

  1. Scheduled Banks
  2. Non Scheduled Banks

There Are total 20 NATIONALISED BANKS In India, 14 major banks being Nationalized Banks , The Number of total Nationalised banks in 1969 Were 14, and subsequently, six more Banks were nationalized in 1980, taking the total Nationalised banks In India to 20.

We Have Not Included SBI and associate banks, as there are still a small percentage of private shareholders in SBI. That is why they are called Public Sector Banks.(There is no difference between the Nationalised Banks In India and Public Sector Banks In India 2019, both have the same meaning)

Among 20 Nationalised banks In India 2019 two banks Punjab National Bank and New Bank of India were merged in 1993 reducing the total number of nationalised banks In India to 19. Subsequently, IDBI was deemed to be a nationalised bank by a government order. So there are now 20 Nationalised banks In India in 2019 including IDBI.

History of Banking In India

The Concept of Banking In India Was Born In Early 18th. The first bank that was established in the country was The General Bank of India founded in 1786 Which Was Totally a Government Undertaking bank, It was neither among the Public Sector Banks in India nor Private sector banks in India . After that came the State Bank of India in Kolkata in 1806 which was then known as The Bank of Bengal. Reserve Bank Of India is The Governing Body of Banking In India. All The Indian Banks and Their Operations Are controlled by Reserve Bank of India ( RBI). This governing body took over the reasonability of formally regulating the Indian banks in 1935. Separation Of Banking In India Is In two major parts. If We talk about list of banks in India, There are two types of banks in India.

Types Of Bank In India

Indian Banking Sector Consist Of Two Type Of Banks In India

  • Public Sector Banks (Nationalised Banks)
  • Private Sector Banks

Further, it is Classified into

  • Scheduled banks
  • Non Scheduled banks
  • Co-operative Banks

Public Sector banks in india

Scheduled banks In Indian Are further Divided Into

  1. Public Sector banks also called Nationalised banks in India
  2. Private Sector banks
  3. Regional Rural Banks also known as RRB
  4. Foreign banks In India

Nationalised Banks Definition

Nationalised banks Definition can be ” All Banks Which are Government undertaking Banks & Fall Under RBI Act 1949. The Share Holding of Government is More than 51% are known as Nationalised banks.

How many Nationalised banks in India 2019?

There Were currently 27 Public sector banks in India 2018 out of which 19 are Nationalised banks and six are SBI and its associate banks ( all Merged With SBI) and rest two are IDBI Bank and Bharatiya Mahila Bank. Now there are total 20 Nationalised banks In India. Other than PSB There are total 93 commercial banks in India. Here Is The List Of Public Sector Banks In India. So the Banks In India List  Is Like This

Total Number of    Nationalised Banks 19
State Bank Of India (Earlier 8 ,Now has become 1)
IDBI and Mahila Bank Seprate but Both are nationalised banks

Many Aspirant Get Confused and search over web “19 nationalised banks name”, We would like to clear their confusion, We are Sharing 20 nationalised banks name, Before we Proceed To our topic i would like to tell you What is The Major Difference Between Public Sector Banks and Private Sector Banks.

nationalised banks
Nationalised Banks In India 2019

Difference Between Public Sector Banks and Private Sector Banks

Those Banks Are Called or Known as Public Sector Banks Or Nationalized Banks In Which Government share Holding is More than 50%, Means Those Banks Come In government undertaking banks in India list, Which Has Majority Shareholding with Government of India. Public Sector Banks Also Called as “sarkari banks “.

Banks Which Has Less Government share holding or majority or shareholding is with and enterprise or with an Entity, are called as Private Sector Banks In India

Nationalised Banks list in India 2019

Nationalised banks are also known as Public sector banks in India 2019, There are total 20 public sector banks or nationalised banks are functioning in economy, Due to Huge NPA ( Non Performing Assets) and losses government is planning to perform mergers among public sector banks in India

List of Nationalized Banks in India and Their Head offices

Sr. No. Nationalised Banks Name Headquarter Of Bank Nationalisation Year Tagline On Banks

Allahabad Bank

Kolkata 1969 ट्रस्ट की एक परंपरा (A Tradition of Trust)

Andhra Bank

Hyderabad 1980 जहां भारत की बैंक है (Where India Banks)

Bank of Baroda

Vadodara 1969 भारत की अंतर्राष्ट्रीय बैंक (India’s International Bank)

Bank of India

Mumbai 1969 बैंकिंग परे रिश्ता (Relationship beyond banking)

Bank of Maharashtra

Pune 1969 एक परिवार एक बैंक (One family one bank)

Canara Bank

Bangalore 1969 हम साथ कर सकते हैं (Together We Can)

Central Bank of India

Mumbai 1969 आप के लिए केंद्रीय 1911 के बाद (“Central To you Since 1911”)

Corporation Bank

Mangalore 1980 एक प्रमुख सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र के बैंक (A Premier Public Sector Bank)

Dena Bank

Mumbai 1938 देना है तो भरोषा है (Dena Hai To Bharosha Hai)

Indian Bank

Chennai 1969 आपका तकनीक अनुकूल बैंक (Your Tech-Friendly Bank)

Indian Overseas Bank

Chennai 1969 अच्छे लोगों के साथ विकसित करने के लिए (Good people to grow with)

Oriental Bank of Commerce

New Delhi 1980 जहां हर व्यक्ति के लिए प्रतिबद्ध है (Where every individual is committed)

Punjab National Bank

New Delhi 1969 एक नाम जिस पर आप बैंक कर सकते हैं (a name you can bank upon)

Syndicate Bank

Manipal 1969 विश्‍वनीय और मैञीपूर्ण (Faithful and Friendly )

Union Bank of India

Mumbai 1969 अच्छे लोगों के साथ बैंक (Good People to Bank with)

United Bank of India

Kolkata 1969 बैंक शुरू होता है “आपके” साथ (The Bank that begins with “U”)

Punjab & Sind Bank

New Delhi 1969 जहां सेवा जीवन का एक रास्ता है (Where service is a way of life)

UCO Bank

Kolkata 1969 अपने पर भरोसा सम्मान (Honours Your Trust)

Vijaya Bank

Bangalore 1969 एक दोस्त तुम पर कर सकते हैं बैंक (A friend you can bank on)


Mumbai आओ सोचें बड़ा (Aao Sochein Bada)

List of Small Finance Banks In India list (SFBs)

List of Small Finance Banks In India list (SFBs)
Sr.No. NAME OF BANK HEADQUARTERS Started in Bank Tagline

Au Small Finance Bank Limited

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India 1996 Chalo Aage Badhe ( चलो आगे बढे)

Capital Small Finance Bank Limited

Jalandhar, Punjab 1999 Viswas se Vikas tak (विस्वास से विकास तक)

FINCARE Small Finance Bank Limited

Bengaluru, Karnataka 2017 A new era in smart banking begins (स्मार्टबैंकिंग में एक नया युग शुरू होता है)

Equitas Small Finance Bank Limited

Chennai, Tamilnadu 2007 Its Fun Banking (बैंकिंग मज़ा हैं)

ESAF Small Finance Bank Limited

Thrissur, Kerala 2017 Joy of Banking (बैंकिंग की खुशी)

Suryoday Small Finance Bank Limited

Navi Mumbai 2008 A bank of smiles (मुस्कान का एक बैंक)

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited

Bengaluru, Karnataka 2017 We believe in your belief (हम आपकी धारणा में विश्वास करते हैं)

Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Limited

Varanasi, U.P 2016 Aapki Umeed Ka Khata (आपकी उम्मीद का खाता)

North East Small Finance Bank Limited

Guwahati, Assam 2016 Your Doorstep Banker (आपका दरवाजा कदम बैंकर)

Payments Banks In India list (Pbs)

List of Payments Banks In India list (Pbs)
Sr. No. NAME OF BANK HEADQUARTERS Started in Tagline

India Post Payments Bank Limited

New Delhi, India 2017 Aapka bank, aapke dwaar. ( आपका बैंक, आपके द्वार)

Fino Payments Bank Limited

Mumbai, Maharashtra 2017 Qadar aapki mehnat ki (क़दर आपकी म्हणत की)

Paytm Payments Bank Limited

Noida, U.P 2015 Simplifying payments for India (भारत के लिए भुगतान सरलीकृत करना)

Largest Public Sector Banks In India list

SBI (After Merger With Associate banks) Has become The largest Public Sector Bank Of India, ICICI Is The Largest Private Sector Bank In India.