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Foreign banks in India 2019 | Foreign Banks and Their Headquarters

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Foreign banks in India | Foreign Banks List International banks in India , After 1991 Globalization Indian Economy became a open economy which means ” Foreign companies or institution were allowed to invest or setup their branches in India.” After Globalization the major focus was to enhance more productivity with the focus on SERVICE SECTOR. Foreign Banks In India Do not Fall Under Government undertaking Banks List , But still they have to follow Rules and Regulations of Indian Government 

What Is a Foreign Bank

Foreign banks are those banks which has origination in other country and provide services in another countries. In simple words Foreign banks in India means Banks which have Headquarters in another country but functions of foreign banks are being operated from India. It also have to follow regulations and obligations of Host as well as the Parent country. Lets Take a Foreign banks example For better understanding.

Barclay’s banks is an one of the well known International banks which has operations in many countries, Barclays India has to follow all the rules and regulation of India ( IF the host country is India) as well as the country where Barclays banks has it Headquarter

Functions Of Foreign banks

Foreign banks are basically not originated from host countries as we have already said they have to take care of regulations of host country too. If any International Bank want to start Function, It may Enter in either of way

1. Foreign banks in India Branch form of presence

2. Foreign banks in India Representative Office form of presence 

How many Foreign Banks in India 2019

India is the World top most growing economy and fastest growing Market, None of the Banking giants wants to loose opportunity. This is a very common question which is being searched all the time ” how many foreign banks are there in India” , As we have already discussed that there are only 2 ways for any foreign bank to enter into India banking system Either Branch form of presence or Representative Office form of presence  As per reserve bank of India data Total number of foreign banks in India as on January 31, 2018 The number of foreign banks in India 2018 are given below

1. Number of Foreign banks In India 2019 branches – 45 along with 286 branch form of presence 

2. Number of Foriegn banks in India 2019 Representative Office – 40 Representative Office In Presence

Mumbai is the Financial capital of India and as it the Capital most of foreign banks has their representative offices In Mumbai, Many of the Private Banks Has Their Head offices in Mumbai

List of foreign banks in India

1Abu Dhabi Commercial BankAbu Dhabi1985MumbaiOur Vision. Your Future
2Bank of CeylonColombo1939Chennaithe Bank you can trust.
3BNP Paribas BankParis1848; 170 years ago (as BNP)1872 (as Paribas) , 2000 as BNP ParibasMumbaiThe bank for a changing world.
4China Trust Commercial Bank‎Taipei‎1966New DelhiWe Are Family.
5HSBCLondon1853MumbaiThe world’s local bank.
8JPMorgan Chase BankNew York City2000MumbaiThe right relationship is everything
9Standard Chartered BankLondon1969MumbaiYour Right Partner.
10Scotia BankToronto1832, Halifax Regional Municipality CanadaMumbaiYou’re richer than you think.,
Life. Money. Balance both
12MasterCardNew York1979MumbaiThere are some things that money can’t buy.
For everything else there’s MasterCard.
13Ab bank ltdDhaka2 April 1982MumbaiInnovative Banking
14ABN amro bank‎Amsterdam1991MumbaiMaking More Possible.
15American expressNew York CityMarch 18, 1850MumbaiDon’t Leave Home Without It
16Bank of nova scotiaToronto1832MumbaiYou’re richer than you think
17Barclay’s bankLondon20 July 1896MumbaiFluent in finance
18CITI BANKNew York City16 June 1812MumbaiLet’s get it done
19Credit agricole corporate investment bankParis1 May 2004Mumbai—————————
20Credit suisse AGSwitzerland1856Mumbai—————————
21DBS BANKSingapore’s1968MumbaiLiving, Breathing Asia
22Woori bankSeoul1899ChennaiPioneering and Hope
23Westpac banking corporationSydney1817MumbaiAustralia’s First Bank
25United overseas bank limitedSingapore6 August 1935New DelhiRight By You
26UBS AG BANKSwitzerland Mumbai—————————
27Royal bank of scotlandEdinburgh1727GurugramMake it happen
28DEUTSCHE BANKFrankfurt10 March 1870MumbaiA passion to perform
29Sumitomo mitsui bankChiyodaApril 2001Mumbai—————————
30First rand bankSouth Africa1998MumbaiTraditional Values , Innovative Ideas
31Standard chartered bankLondon1969MumbaiYour Right Partner.
32The bank of tokyo-mitsubishi UF bankChiyodaJanuary 1, 2006MumbaiYou Trust Your Future Our Commitment
33Sonali bankDhaka1972Mumbai 

Investment banking is also a part of foreign banking, Many Of these Banks Are also Working as investment banks in India. That’s the only Reason that Indian Banks Has Expand their Business and Branches From Domestic To Overseas. Indian Banks Branches in other countries serving well and bringing remittance to India. Know More about Indian UK Banks

To Survive in today’s Competitive world, It is needed that we get investment from foreign banks or MNC’s. Foreign banks Not only brings Investors but also they provide lot of jobs and good salary packages to local skilled labor. Foreign banks jobs are quote good as if we compare this with other banks in India . Lot many indian who are working in these banks whether they are Indian Diaspora or NRI’s somehow got chance to migrate and work in overseas competition. Find More Interesting articles at Banks In India