Is it possible to deposit money at any ATM
Is it possible to deposit money at any ATM

Is it possible to deposit money at any ATM?

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Can you deposit money at any ATM: If you find yourself in need of an urgent deposit at some point, it is possible. If you want to deposit money at any ATM, you should ask if this is possible. you want to know if you can deposit money at any ATM 

Generally, no, you are not allowed to deposit money at an ATM. Some ATMs are not designed to accept deposits. Many banks and credit unions will not let you deposit money into your account through an ATM owned or operated by a party that is not part of their system.

Are ATMs able to accept deposits?

Since large national banks already have so many ATMs, it is highly unlikely that they will allow this practice. But every financial institution is different. Some people may have the option of depositing money at any ATM.

Unless your bank or credit union is affiliated with the ATM, cash deposits at an ATM not affiliated with either will take longer than usual to process: they aren’t always immediate or up-to-date. The next step could take up to 5 business days.

Note: If something occurs wrong with these deposits, your bank or credit union will not be liable. The ATM owner should be contacted if there is a problem.

We’ll analyse how some of the nation’s largest banks treat this issue, regardless of whether or not you can deposit cash at any ATM. Each bank and credit union has its own policy regarding this issue. Thus, you will be able to make a more realistic assessment and know what to expect from other financial entities.

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You can deposit money at any ATM if you are a customer of these banks

You can deposit money at any ATM using the banks and credit unions listed below.

Capital one

With more than 39,000 ATMs in total, you can deposit money at any ATM that is part of the AllPoint network. There are some accounts that allow you to receive a refund of up to $ 15 in ATM fees from other banks within 5 days of the billing period ending.

Navy Federal Credit Union

NFCU says there are 9,000 CO-OP ATMs, so you can deposit money there. The deposit will be held for 5 business days before it becomes available. The maximum amount you can deposit at CO-OP ATMs per day is $10,000. There are no fees associated with NFCU or CO-OP. In addition, ATMs of the Visa / PLUS and Cashpoint’s systems can be used, but they cannot be used for deposits.


At non-PNC ATMs, you can deposit money, but your funds won’t be available until 4 business days later. PNC reimburses some ATM fees to its “Virtual Wallet” customers in addition to any fees that the ATM owner may charge.

Credit Union for State Employees

Cashpoint’s ATMs are accepted by this institution. And they won’t charge you a fee for Cashpoint’s or SECU.

TD Bank:

Any ATM connected to the Cirrus or PLUS network can be used to deposit money at this bank. There will be an immediate availability of the first $ 100 deposited, while the remainder can take up to 5 business days. Depending on the ATM, you may also have to pay a fee.

You cannot deposit money at any ATM if you are a customer of these banks

ATM deposits are not permitted by the following entities.

Bank of America

Only ATMs owned by Bank of America can be used to make deposits at this bank. Besides the ATM ownership surcharge, Bank of America will charge $ 2.50 for withdrawals, transfers, and balance inquiries made from other ATMs.


Cash and checks can only be deposited at Chase ATMs. But you can withdraw cash, transfer funds, and check your balance at any ATM. There is a fee of $ 2.50 for each out-of-network ATM transaction for Total checking accounts and Chase University checking accounts. For Premier Plus checking accounts, Chase does not charge this fee; however, ATM usage fees may apply.


 Citibank ATMs are the only places where you can deposit cash or checks. Cash can be withdrawn from non-Citibank ATMs on the MoneyPass network, balances can be checked, and transfers can be done. You will not be charged by either Citi or MoneyPass.

Credit union Pentagon Federal

Deposits can only be made using PenFed ATMs (or by scanning a check with the company’s mobile app). Other services, such as ATM withdrawals, are free at AllPoint and CO-OP. Other types of ATMs may also allow you to withdraw money, but you may be charged a commission.

Bank of America

If your ATM does not display the US Bank logo, you are unable to make a deposit. After such a deposit has been accepted, funds will not be available until the fifth business day after the request has been made. Other ATMs can be used to withdraw cash, transfer funds, and check your balance. A fee of $2.50 applies to some US Bank checking accounts.

The Wells Fargo Bank

You can only deposit funds into a checking account with an ATM of this institution. You can withdraw, transfer, and check your balance at other ATMs without any issues. A fee of $ 2.50 will be charged by Wells Fargo, as well as any surcharges imposed by ATM owners.

It is advisable to contact your bank or credit union, depending on your account conditions. This is because you’re still not sure whether or not you can deposit money at any ATM. 

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How to deposit money in an ATM?

Using your debit card or your mobile phone, you can deposit cash at Santander ATMs easily and quickly. Additionally, you can deposit money into both your own and another checking account.

Use your debit card to deposit money at an ATM

At the ATM, you must insert your card and PIN code and select “Add money” to deposit money into your account. Following that, you must mark the amount you wish to deposit, insert only bills into the corresponding slot, without clips or envelopes, and the ATM will calculate the amount you have deposited and display it on the screen. If you agree, click “OK” to complete the operation.

If you need to deposit money at an ATM without a card

If you wish to deposit money without a card, using your mobile phone, you will need to download one of the following applications: Apple Pay if you have an iOS device, or Samsung Pay if you have an Android device. You will then need to find a contactless ATM. Then follow these steps:

  1. Simply open the app, select the debit card you wish to use, and hold it close to the contactless reader.
  2. Select “Add money” and enter the PIN.
  3. Insert only the bills you want to deposit into the slots without any add-ons (clips, rubber bands, envelopes…). You must mark the amount you want to deposit.
  4. The ATM automatically displays the amount.
  5. Click OK to confirm.

You should find out which ATMs in your area allow you to deposit money without a card by contacting your nearest branch.

How to deposit money from the ATM into another account

You can deposit money from an ATM into another bank account using a similar procedure, only this time you will need to enter the account number you wish to deposit into.

How to make deposits at ATMs that do not belong to your bank

If you cannot deposit money during banking hours, you can use an ATM and your ATM card to do so. You can sometimes make deposits at ATMs that are not associated with your bank. In order to make such deposits, your bank must allow you to withdraw deposits at ATMs of other banks. In addition, your card must be on the same network as the ATM.

You can make deposits at non-bank ATMs by contacting your bank. You can reach a customer service representative by calling the customer service number on the back of your card.

Identify which ATM networks are listed on your card and which are listed on the ATM machine. You must be able to make a deposit at an ATM that is not affiliated with your bank. This is because the networks on your card are compatible with those of the ATM. The most common ATM networks are Cirrus, PLUS, and NYCE.

Complete the envelope with the necessary information and place your deposit in it. Banks have their own envelopes, but some require you to write your name, the amount deposited, and your ATM card number on it.

Make the deposit by inserting the card into the cashier and following the prompts. When you deposit money at an ATM that does not belong to your bank, you will have to pay both your bank and the bank where the ATM is located a commission. Please click the button to indicate that you have been informed of the commission payment and have accepted it. If you want the operation ticket to print, click the print option.

The deposit envelope will appear. Simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Take the printed ticket with you. In this way, you will have a record of your deposit in case there is an error or it is not correctly recorded.

Did you like the article Is it possible to deposit money at any ATM? The answer is yes by following the above simple steps we can deposit money at any ATM. Feel free to comment us if you have any doubts!!