The best online banks in the United States of America

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The best online banks in USA: Online banks are one of the most widely used financial tools in the country. Maybe you are thinking about opening an account in one of them very soon if you don’t yet have one. We will discuss the best online banks in the United States later so you can choose the one that is right for you.

A high interest rate or APY (Annual Percentage Yield) can be earned by using online banks and they often charge low fees. Also, they offer easy-to-use apps and tools that simplify the process of managing your finances. This doesn’t mean you have to leave banks and credit unions if you don’t want to. The best of both worlds can always be had: Take advantage of the advantages of online banking, while also maintaining an account at a local bank.

Online banking gives you plenty of options, whether you’re looking for a bank to handle your needs or just want to open a high-yield savings account. Just don’t be overwhelmed by the wide range of options. There are some of the best online banks in the United States, with a reputation for keeping costs low and insuring your deposits up to federal limits.

The best online banks in the United States of America

We have listed below the best online banks in the United States of America so that you can choose based on the benefits you can receive from each one of them.

You will find detailed information about the best online banks in the United States below. The listed banks and credit unions are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Ally Bank: The best of the best

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing an online bank. Ally Bank stands out for a wide range of offers, competitive rates, and high ratings in banking surveys, such as the 2019 JD Power Direct Banking Satisfaction Study.

You can earn interest by opening a checking, high-yield savings, money market or CD account at Ally, and there is no minimum balance requirement. While the rates may not be the highest online, they are consistently competitive.

There are no monthly fees for Ally Bank accounts, and transactions at Allpoint ATMs are free in the US. Savings accounts, checking accounts with interest, CDs, money market accounts, and IRAs can all be opened online, and you can sign up for all these services in one place.

If you need to spend the money from your checking account, you should transfer the funds to your online savings account to maximize your interest earnings. Make sure not to exceed the number of transfers your bank account allows per month (usually six).

It is known that Ally Bank CDs offer competitive rates and flexibility. Using the Raise Your Rate CD, for example, you can raise your interest rate if Ally’s rates go up within a certain time frame, so you don’t lose out on earning more while your money is in place. Through ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, and options, Ally also offers ways to invest and grow your money.


  • Liquid CDs that are very competitive
  • With 24/7 customer service
  • And no minimum deposit requirements


  • Other banks are more profitable
  • There are no in-person banking options

Discover Bank: Runner-up

Discover Bank, another good option of a bank to have everything in one place online, is also one of the best online banks in the United States. Discover offers checking, savings, money market, and CD accounts with no monthly management fees, just like Ally. First of all, the Discover Cash Back Debit Account offers very unique cash back rewards on a checking account. Earn 1% cash back on up to $3,000 of qualifying debit card purchases per month.

Discover has minimum balance requirements, such as opening a CD with 2,500 dollars. Discover Money Market offers a higher interest rate than Ally Bank Money Market (as of May 29, 2020), but that account also requires a minimum deposit of at least $2,500.

Choosing Ally or Discover (although there are other good options as well, which we’ll discuss below) is a good choice. Discover can be a great option if you have the assets or need cash rewards.


  • Access to a full range of banking products
  • Customer service available 24/7


  • Minimum deposit of $2,500 for CDs and money markets
  • With a cash back reward limit of $30 per month.

Charles Schwab: Best for frequent travellers

Charles Schwab Bank scored highly in the JD Power Direct Banking Satisfaction Study of 2019 and may be particularly appealing to travellers. Using Schwab Bank checking accounts earns interest, offers unlimited ATM rebates in the US and abroad, and has no foreign transaction fees when using other currencies.

Other than that, Schwab Bank offers pretty standard online banking. The checking account does not charge a monthly fee and does not require a minimum balance. A similar situation exists with the savings account, where the interest rate is quite normal for an online bank.

The main attraction of Schwab Bank is probably not the interest rates, but rather the benefits you get when you travel outside the United States with the Schwab Debit Card. If you are a frequent traveller, it would be wise to consider the Charles Schwab Bank.


  • Most ATMs do not offer unlimited discounts
  • There are no fees for foreign transactions
  • No monthly fees


  • You must open a brokerage account to open a checking account
  • With a low interest rate

Alliant Credit Union: Student-friendly

Alliant Credit Union offers several accounts for children under 18 years of age, who can then choose the Alliant accounts of their choice once they become adults. A parent, grandparent, or guardian must be a co-owner of the account for minors. They may also monitor account activity.

  • Children’s Savings Accounts pay an attractive interest rate on savings balances. There is a $5 minimum deposit required, but Alliant will pay it for you. Additionally, there are no monthly fees.
  • In order to provide teens with more autonomy, Teen Checking is available to those ages 13-17 with no monthly fee or minimum balance requirement.

You can earn interest on all Alliant checking accounts to save even more.

Upon turning 18, the account switches to a standard Alliant checking account, which also keeps fees to a minimum.

Credit unions require their members to qualify by meeting specific criteria, but in Alliant’s case, qualifying is simple. The cooperative requires you to join Foster Care to Success, which is very easy. Foster Care to Success offers resources for children in foster care in every state. There is a $5 membership fee, but Alliant covers it as well. Alliant may be the right option for you if you want to get your child started with a savings account or if you want to teach her about personal finance.


  • Child-specific accounts
  • Have great rates, especially on small balances
  • Monthly ATM fee refunds up to $20 for teen checking accounts


  • Must be affiliated with an organization other than the bank
  • Rates are higher at other institutions

First Foundation Bank is the best if you are looking for a high savings rate

This is the bank to contact if you value high interest rate savings accounts, First Foundation Bank pays 1.20% APY on online savings accounts. You can get this rate with an initial deposit of $1,000. It is one of the highest rates available right now.

With other banks, you’d have to deposit a significantly larger amount or meet other complicated requirements to get such a high rate. First Foundation Bank even allows you to withdraw funds without losing access to the rate or being charged a monthly maintenance fee.


  • ATM card is available upon request
  • There are no monthly fees or permanent minimum balance requirements


  • Locations are limited to California, Nevada, and Hawaii
  • The $1,000 minimum can be a barrier to some savers

NBKC Bank: The best for interest-bearing checking accounts

Online banks often offer high interest rates on both checking and savings accounts. A checking account at NBKC Bank pays 0.65% APY with no monthly fees and requires a minimum deposit of $5 to open. The checking account gives you rewards regardless of how often you use your debit card; you simply get the rate regardless of activity.

There are also relatively few fees associated with NBKC Bank. There are no overdraft or non-sufficient funds fees, and you can get up to $12 back in ATM fees per month. NBKC Bank technically has a few branches in Kansas City (in both Kansas and Missouri), but it refers to itself as an online bank and the offerings are similar to those of other online banks. Checking account features include free online bill pay, mobile check deposit, a free check book, a Mastercard debit card, and fee-free access to 32,000 MoneyPass ATMs nationwide. U.S. & Puerto Rico.


  • Low initial deposit of $5
  • Insufficient funds are not charged
  • Cashier’s checks are free


  • Branch locations are limited to Kansas City

Capital One: The best for mobile app

It is especially important that the mobile app of an online bank is user-friendly and flexible, since practically all the operations will be performed by you. In JD Power’s 2019 US Direct Banking Satisfaction Study, Capital One received the highest score of all online banks, so discerning customers can rest easy with Capital One.

Using the app, you can perform essential tasks like checking your bank account and making payments. Additionally, you can temporarily block your debit card, set up automatic payments, view free credit scores, and more.

Among Capital One’s online banking products are high-yield savings accounts, checking accounts, and more. There are no monthly fees or minimum deposit requirements to open an online checking or savings account. Children can also open accounts with their parents, so they can learn how to manage money under the supervision of an adult.

Capital One offers a high-yield savings account with a competitive rate and no minimum balance requirement.

Even though Capital One has branches, JD Power identifies it as a direct bank, also known as a branchless bank. Since Capital One only has branches in a few states, it does a lot of business online. It is one of the largest banks in the US.


  • Online consultations are free
  • There is no monthly fee
  • And no minimum balance required


  • Other online banks offer higher interest rates
  • Lack of in-person service nationwide


For clients who need help managing their budget, this service is recommended. The bank tracks your expenses and analyses where your money is being spent. It lets you manage your bills, set savings goals with what it recommends, even how much you can spend without compromising your goals. In addition, you can accumulate funds in a separate account with a competitive interest rate. It charges low fees and does not require a minimum deposit or a monthly fee.

The top Business Banks in the U.S.

There are a lot of banks in the United States; however, not all offer the same benefits for business owners who want to manage their finances effectively and maximize their interests.

The following are the best banks in the United States for business, according to experts:


Chase is a bank that offers important benefits for both individuals and companies, with:

  1. Checking accounts
  2. Savings account
  3. Deposit certificates
  4. Credit cards

Navy Federal Credit Union

Compared to traditional banks, this business bank offers higher interest rates and no fees for using or maintaining its services.

Axos Bank

The Axos financial service is ideal for small businesses looking to manage their finances effectively while earning significant rewards.

M&T Bank

It is a business-friendly option since it offers a competitive APR compared to other banks. You can open a retirement account, open a checking account, make deposits, and apply for a credit card at this bank.

US Bank

As one of the most important options for those starting a business or who already have one, this bank stands out for its advisory service and management of personal and corporate finances.

Characteristics of a Good Bank

Which bank is good and which isn’t? Perhaps the data to consider are interest rates, account opening and maintenance fees, annual charges, as well as access to customer service for clarification if needed.


Here are some important factors to consider before opening an account with an online bank.

Which bank offers the best interest rates in the United States?

Which bank offers the best interest rates in the United States?

The banks that pay the most interest on savings accounts in the United States are:
CIT Bank
Discover Bank

How can non-residents open a bank account in the United States?

How can non-residents open a bank account in the United States?

Depending on the type of account you want to open, banks may ask for information such as:
A permanent residency permit (Green Card)
The number from your passport or the consular registration card
As well as additional information such as:
Name and date of birth
official identification
Social Security number
Phone number
Employment status and income

What is required to open a bank account in the United States?

What is required to open a bank account in the United States?

Any individual who wishes to open a bank account in the United States must present an official identification, sometimes with a photograph, showing the most important aspects of their identity.
The passport, with a specific number, as well as a consular registration card can be presented as identification.
Unofficial documents or photocopies of the original documents are not usually accepted by banks, which is why it is nearly impossible to open a bank account with them.
As well, the documentation must leave an official record of the person’s name, as well as their date and place of birth, their home address, and if they are a foreigner, that they have a work permit. They may also be a student or a resident.
It is most commonly recommended that foreign residents seek out a bank with branches in their country of origin in order to establish a banking history that will make it easier to open a US branch in the future.

What is an online bank?

What is an online bank?

An online bank is a financial institution that has no physical branches. Because of this, they have lower operating costs and can start operations without having to build and equip branches.
Online banks are known for offering high interest rates on deposits and keeping fees low. As a result, they are the best places to save and grow your money.

Is money safe in an Online bank?

Is money safe in an Online bank?

Online banking is just as safe as traditional banks and credit unions. Federally insured institutions protect your money from bank failures up to $250,000 per account, per institution. The FDIC provides that coverage for banks. Federally insured credit unions receive equivalent coverage from the NCUA.
There is a risk of fraud with any financial account, whether it is in an online bank or not. Setting up account activity alerts makes it easy to stay on top of your accounts. While you may be protected against fraud and errors, you must act quickly to ensure you benefit from the highest levels of protection.
You should keep your devices up to date and pay attention to any communication you receive, whether it comes by mail, email, text, or some other form. You can raise any concerns with customer service by calling the bank on a legitimate number you have verified. When someone contacts you and tells you he works at your bank, do not click on links or provide sensitive information. Verify the information yourself.

How do I access my money online?

How do I access my money online?

The details vary from bank to bank, but there are several ways to use your money. If you receive an ATM card, you could withdraw cash or make purchases with it. Checking accounts are also available at some banks, which allow you to write checks, use a debit card, or pay bills online.
Most online banks offer you the ability to transfer funds to and from an external account through an electronic link. A checking account at a bank or credit union can be used as an external account.

Can I stay with one of the best online banks in the United States or will I need a traditional bank?

Can I stay with one of the best online banks in the United States or will I need a traditional bank?

Online banks in the United States can offer all the services you need, but it’s always a good idea to keep a local account open. Banks and credit unions may offer additional services such as instant cashier’s checks, notary services, in-person counselling and more. Additionally, those institutions contribute to the community in which they are located. Occasionally, you will need to wait several days for your check to be mailed if you are entirely online. You could also be affected if the bank’s website goes down.


Mobile banking has established itself as one of the most valuable services in recent years, especially during the past year, this type of application has gained global prominence. Thanks to online banks, users can open accounts more easily and with fewer requirements than in conventional banks.

By downloading an online banking application, users are able to make transfers, deposits, payments, and set up a retirement savings account without paying monthly fees or maintaining a specific balance.

Online banks make it easy to open a checking or savings account, since they offer significant returns, save time and resources, and allow you to rigorously monitor your finances.

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