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Population Of India 2018 

Hello Readers, Today In This Post You will study Population Of India 2018 ( As Per Population of India in census 2011), We have created The List of population of India .State Wise Population of India . Population of India By Religion. This Post Will Share Comparison Of Population Of India 2017 and Population Of India 2018

Population Of India 2018 Facts

    1. The current population of India 2018 is 1,299,181,389 as of Aug. 23, 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates.
    2. India Ranks On No. 2 Worldwide in Term Of Population. 
    3. The India population Density is 455 per Km2 (1,180 people per mi2), lowest population density state in india Is Arunachal Pradesh & The lowest density of population Union Territory is Andaman & Nicobar Islands Where as Delhi Is the Highest density of population UT.
    4. Population Of India is equivalent to 17.74% of the total world population.
    5. Population Of India Has Recorded Change 1.11% In Population From 2017
    6. Gross domestic product Is 2.26 lakh crore USD (2016)
    7. GDP Per Capita is 1,709.39 USD (2016)

State wise population of India 

Statepopulation of India in croresArea (Sq Km)Population Density
Population of Uttar Pradesh  19,92,81,4772,40,928828
Population of  Maharashtra  11,23,72,9723,07,713365
Population of Bihar  10,38,04,63794,1631102
Population of West Bengal  9,13,47,73688,7521029
Population of Madhya Pradesh  7,25,97,5653,08,245236
Population of  Tamil Nadu  7,21,38,9581,30,058555
Population of Rajasthan  6,86,21,0123,42,239201
Population of Karnataka  6,11,30,7041,91,791319
Population of Gujarat  6,03,83,6281,96,024308
Population of Andhra Pradesh  4,93,86,7991,60,205308
Population of Odisha  4,19,47,3581,55,707268
Population of  Telangana  3,52,86,7571,14,840307
Population of Kerala  3,33,87,67738,863859
Population of Jharkhand  3,29,66,23879,714414
Population of Assam  3,11,69,27278,438397
Population of Punjab  2,77,04,23650,362550
Population of Chhattisgarh  2,55,40,1961,35,191189
Population of Haryana  2,53,53,08144,212573
Population of Jammu and Kashmir  1,25,48,9262,22,236124
Population of Uttarakhand  1,01,16,75253,483189
Population of Himachal Pradesh  68,64,60255,673123
Population of  Tripura  36,71,03210,486351
Population of Meghalaya  29,64,00722,429133
Population of Manipur  27,21,75622,327123
Population of Nagaland  19,80,60216,579118
Population of Goa  14,57,7233,702395
Population of Arunachal Pradesh  13,82,61183,74317
Population of Mizoram  10,91,01421,08151
Population of Sikkim  6,07,6887,09686

From the above table it is clear to say that Uttar Pradesh has Highest population as per 2011 census.highest population density state in india is Bihar with 1102 people/Sq Km.

The population of India – The Highest populated city of India 

Here is the List of  population of India city wise, Here is the list of cities Baring highest population of India 2018

CitiesPopulation 2011 censusPopulation 2001 censusDecadal Growth %
Population of Mumbai1,24,42,3731,19,78,4503.8
Population of Delhi1,10,34,55598,79,17211.6
Population of Bangalore84,43,67543,01,32696.3
Population of Hyderabad67,31,79036,37,48385
Population of Chennai67,27,00043,43,64554.8
Population of Ahmedabad55,77,94035,20,08558.4
Population of Kolkata44,96,69445,72,876-1.6
Population of Surat44,67,79724,33,83583.5
Population of Pune31,24,45825,38,47323
Population of Jaipur30,46,16323,22,57531.1
Population of  Lucknow28,17,10521,85,92728.8
Population of  Kanpur27,65,34825,51,3378.3
Population of  Nagpur24,05,66520,52,06617.2
Population of  Vishakhapatnam  20,35,9229,82,904107.1
Population of  Indore19,60,63114,74,96832.9
Population of  Thane18,18,87212,62,55144
Population of  Bhopal17,98,21814,37,35425.1
Population of Pimpri Chinchwad17,29,35910,12,47270.8
Population of  Patna16,83,20013,66,44423.1
Population of  Vadodara16,66,70313,06,22727.5

Population of India By Religion 

India is a multi-religion country,religion in India Is Basically Divided Into Majority and Minority. People from all religion Stay in India. The Growth rate of Hindus, Muslims, and Christian is expected to fall more in upcoming 2021 census while other religions like Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddism are expected to remain stable for next 2 decades considering already slowed down the growth rate of these religions. If We See the list of religions in India Basically The Majority of Population of India is Given Below 

List of Religion In IndiaPopulation By Religion % Of Population By Religion  
All religious communities1,02,86,10,328100
Hindu Population of India 201882,75,78,86880.5
Muslims Population of India 201813,81,88,24013.4
Christians Population of India 20182,40,80,0162.3
Sikhs Population of India 20181,92,15,7301.9
Buddhists Population of India 201879,55,2070.8
Jains Population of India 201842,25,0530.4
Others Population of India 201866,39,6260.6
Religion not stated7,27,5880.1


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Population of India 2018 |State wise List | Religion Wise list
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