How to withdraw money from an ATM without a card?

How to withdraw money from an ATM without a card

Can you withdraw money from an ATM without a card: Have you ever needed to withdraw money and you forgot your card or lost it for some reason? It is more common than we might think for these types of events to occur, so banks have developed a method to be able to generate withdrawal orders without inserting plastic at ATMs

. This tool is available through most banks. It is not only convenient and safe, but it has no commissions as well. This makes it easy to send money to someone else.

The only requirements are having a bank account with the bank of preference, downloading the mobile application on the cell phone and keeping the security codes active as a token, password, or alert.

The use of cash is declining due to the advancement of this digital age. This does not mean, however, that cash is no longer needed. Everyone should have access to it, and that is very important.

What would you do if you didn’t bring your debit card with you to an ATM when you arrived? It might not be an enjoyable experience. Don’t worry, today we’ll show you how to withdraw cash from an ATM without a card, so you won’t have to go home without cash. 

How to withdraw money from an ATM without a card?

The current ATM withdrawal method does not require a debit card. Your smartphone can be used to access cash quickly using a bank app. By following a few simple steps, the application creates a code that you must present at the ATM alongside the pin in order to get money.

What are cardless ATMs and how do they work?

With a cardless ATM, you can withdraw money without carrying your plastic card around. In some ATMs, you are required to verify your account by sending an SMS message or by downloading an app on your smartphone.

ATMs with cardless technology work in two ways. NFC (Near Field Communication) technology as well as Quick Response (QR) codes.

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NFC (near field communication)

Near field technology (NFC) is used by Googlepay services CashTapp. It involves activating an application on your smartphone, selecting your bank account, and bringing your phone close to the reader. A PIN must be entered to complete the transaction.

Cashtapp: How it works:

You can withdraw funds by logging into the mobile application and specifying the desired amount

The phone should be brought closer to the CashTapp label on the ATM

The phone application will show you the steps you need to take to complete your transaction and withdraw your money.

Googlepay: How to use it:

1.Open the Googlepay Wallet.

2.Choose the card you want to use

3.Bring your phone closer to the contactless symbol

4.Enter your PIN into the box

5.Withdraw your funds

QR codes

You must first set up the mobile withdrawal option in your banking application before you can withdraw using QR codes. You must scan a QR code on the screen of the ATM while you are operating it to receive the cash. Some applications generate a serial code instead of a QR code. A Paydiant QR code is used by the Paypal system.

Paydiant uses the following steps:

  • You can request a withdrawal from your mobile application by clicking the link below.
  • Access mobile cash by entering the ATM and selecting the option
  • Scanning the code with your phone
  • Last but not least, withdraw the money

The most popular banks and their compatibility with cardless ATM technology

Listed below are the major banks and their ATM services without a card.

Chase Bank

Mobile wallets: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay

Operation systems: Android, Apple, Windows

Network: Access to all of the Chase ATMs with the contactless symbol

Accounts supported: Chase Liquid cards, consumer debit cards (excluding CPC Privileges cards), business debit cards

PIN security feature

Capital One Bank

App: CashTapp

Operating system: Android, Apple

ATM Network: CashTapp is currently available to Capital One 360 Checking customers in the following cities: Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Richmond, Austin, San Francisco. Specific ATM locations are available through the app.

Supported accounts: Checking account 360

Safety Features : None

The Bank of America

App: Google Pay

Operating system : Android

ATM network: A contactless symbol is displayed near the card reader on all cardless ATMs across the country.

Supported accounts: US trust debit cards for consumers and small businesses (only supported for owner cards)

Security Features: PIN

Wells Fargo Bank

App: Wells Fargo Mobile Card-Free Access 

Operating system: Android, Apple

ATM Network: You can use the code you receive at any Wells Fargo ATM. However, the Pinpad can only be used on Wells Fargo ATMs that display the contactless symbol.

Supported accounts: All Wells Fargo debit cards and EasyPay

Security features: PIN / ATM access code

Bank: Paypal

App: Paydiant

Operating system:  Android, Apple

ATM Network – In the United States, this service is available at more than 72,000 ATMs

Supported accounts: N / A

Security features: QR code

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this technology to withdraw money from an ATM without a card?


1. Easy access to all of your accounts

Those who have accounts with several banks can use this method to obtain money from ATMs. It is likely that you do not always carry all of your bank cards on you, whether you are traveling or just going about your daily routine. Nevertheless, this technology allows you to access all of your accounts.

If you don’t have your card with you but find an ATM in your network, this will be especially useful. If you want to use a card from another bank, you will have to pay a fee. The cardless ATM option could also save you some cash because you can withdraw money using your mobile phone without incurring any additional costs. As well as saving you money from having to carry all your cards, you will also be able to access all your accounts from your smartphone. 

2. Simplicity

Founder of Simple Money Lyfe Drew Cheneler says, “Our phone is slowly becoming our wallet.” He cites an example in which people use their phones to access their accounts just as they might use facial recognition or fingerprint recognition. 

3. It is not necessary to carry a card

As a result, you won’t need to carry your wallet or purse around anymore. You only need to bring your smartphone if you’re going jogging or for a walk with your family. In that case, you can take some cash home from an ATM if necessary.

4. Security

While this method isn’t completely risk-free, it can be considered to be relatively safe. Since you do not have to insert your card into the ATM slot, card cloners won’t steal your bank details. Secondly, the codes you get are for individual use, they cannot be used by a hacker.

Moreover, two-step authentication is often also required for cardless withdrawals. Hackers need your PIN, your mobile phone, and access to your application for all of the above. It is also less likely that you will lose your money if you don’t carry your wallet around all the time.


1. Accessibility

Contactless ATMs are rare in the United States. The service is currently being adapted by some banks, so if your bank offers it and your phone is compatible with it, the ATM must also allow withdrawals without a card as well. If you don’t have ATMs close to where you normally go that support this technology, you will have a great deal of difficulty. 

2. Compatibility

Smartphones are needed to operate these ATMs. A bank’s app has to be compatible with your phone in order for you to use it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it.

3. Phone security

Mobile phones can be lost, of course. You can also have your device stolen, as these devices have become a primary target for thieves. Criminals are increasingly interested in hacking and attacking phones to access your data and information, as well as changing settings for your phone and banking applications.

Withdraw money through mobile

Now, if we forget the card, we can withdraw cash from an ATM by using our mobile phone. In order to do so, you need the following applications: Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay . Once we have downloaded the application, we need to register our credit card.

Our mobile phone will then generate a digital copy of the card. If we do not have a card, we can withdraw money simply by opening the application on our phone, bringing it close to the ATM’s NFC sensor and entering the PIN code.

Also available is the option of paying with a code generated by our bank’s application, under “withdraw money with code” on the card we want to use. Once we have the code, select the option to withdraw money without a card and then click on “withdraw money with a code”, which expires between one and ten days.

Which banks allow it?

At the moment, Abanca, ActivoBank, Banco Sabadell, Banco Santander, Bankia, Bankinter, BBVA, CaixaBank, Cajamar, EVO Banco, ImaginBank, Liberbank and Unicaja are the entities that allow withdrawing money without a card, according to

How to withdraw money without a card step by step

Withdraw cash without a card at contactless ATMs

ATMs that use contactless technology (NFC) can instantly transmit data between different devices while being only a few centimetres apart. Here, we are talking about the ATM and our smartphone. It is very easy to withdraw cash from an ATM without a card. Simply follow these steps:

  • In order to get started, we will need the Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay app, our card’s pin and a smartphone with NFC capabilities.
  • We will then find an ATM that accepts contactless payments nearby. These details can usually be found in our bank’s own app by clicking on “ATMs” and selecting “Contactless”.
  • Then, once we’ve arrived at the corresponding ATM, all we need to do is open the mobile payment app, select the card we wish to withdraw cash from, and bring the smartphone closer to the contactless reader of the ATM.
  • In the end, all you need to do is enter your PIN code at the ATM. Our identity will be verified and the operation will be safe, as we will be able to show the bank this information.

Withdraw money from the ATM with a code

If you want to withdraw money, you can enter a code that is generated automatically by your bank’s app. As with the previous step, we will only have to choose the card with which we want to operate and look for the option to “withdraw money with a code”. When you are at an ATM, look for the option to operate without a card, then click on “Withdraw money with a code”.

The maximum amount that we can withdraw with code varies depending on the entity. However, some set their limit at 300 $ per month, while others set their limit at 3,000 $per month.

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When does the code expire?

When does the code expire?

The entity will inform us how long we have to withdraw the cash before the code expires when we request the code. Generally, the term ranges from one to ten days, depending on the entity. The money will be available again in the account of the issuing user if the money is not withdrawn.

Which banks allow you to withdraw money without a card?

Which banks allow you to withdraw money without a card?

The advantages of this cash withdrawal system are numerous. One of the most impressive aspects is that we can not only collect the money ourselves, but we can send it to anyone. The recipient does not have to be from the same bank as us in order to use this service; all they need is the code that allows them to do so.
Currently, not all entities support this operation, but more and more are adopting it. 

How much money can I withdraw without a card?

How much money can I withdraw without a card?

All entities establish a minimum and maximum amount of money for each withdrawal, which usually ranges 
from $20 to $300 for each operation . 
Other banks limit the number of operations on a weekly or monthly basis.

Is it possible to withdraw money without a card from an ATM?

Is it possible to withdraw money without a card from an ATM?

As long as we don’t forget our smartphone too, we can leave home without a card or cash without a problem. 
How? There are currently more than half a dozen Spanish banks that offer ATM withdrawals without a card, which is a very convenient service that allows us to have cash even if we forget our wallet at home or even send money to family members or friends in an emergency.
One of the main benefits of this system over withdrawing money with a card is that in addition to being able to collect the money ourselves, we can also send it to whomever we want. 
It’s not necessary for the recipient to be a bank customer or to carry a card with him to collect the funds that have been sent to him, he only needs to know the code for the transfer. 

How do I send cash via mobile?

How do I send cash via mobile?

Now, we can not only send money to someone’s account via a text message, but we can also send cash. To do this, all we need to do is indicate to the bank (or platform with which we will work) the amount we want to transfer, the recipient’s name, and their telephone number.
Sending the money will result in an SMS message being sent to the recipient’s mobile phone. You will receive a message telling you the amount of money we sent you and where you can withdraw it. You will have to enter a password that is also contained in the text message you receive on your phone. Note that the person receiving the money does not have to be a customer of the bank that owns the ATM. We will only have to do the following to send money in effect to another person:
We should indicate on the platform or bank who we will send money to, how much and their phone number number.
The recipient will be notified of the amount and the ATMs where they can withdraw it.
You need to include only the password indicated in the SMS.
An economical, fast and safe service
Most of the time, the person who receives the money does not have to pay any extra fees. There is a possibility that a small commission may be charged to the receiver. This is determined by the company that provides the service. In most cases, the commission is comparable to the fee charged by another bank when withdrawing cash at an ATM.


In order to carry out this operation, you need a mobile phone to which the bank sends a code that must be entered at the ATM in order to obtain cash. Alternatively, you can request this code via the mobile application of the bank, via the web from your personal space, or by phone. It is also important to check with our bank beforehand what the limits are for this type of operation, since some banks allow withdrawals up to 6,000 euros per month while others only allow 300 euros.

The procedure varies slightly depending on the entity, but in general, you select mobile cash, cash withdrawal without a card, or similar in the app or on the web and wait to be given a code with which to identify yourself. It usually has a lifespan of up to 24 hours.

On the other hand, some banks also allow you to withdraw cash without a card by going directly to the ATM.Then you will need to enter the personal passwords used in the mobile application or the personal space and wait for an SMS with a confirmation code. It is written in the cashier and voila!

How satisfied are you  to withdraw money from an ATM without a card? Let us know in the comments below.